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Dropbox migration; Cloud migration to premise

Nava Certus 1.2
Today, we’re announcing the latest version of Nava Certus. With this release, we bring support for migration to and from Dropbox as well as migration from cloud storage to local premise servers.

We’ve been hard at work trying to realize our goal of making Nava Certus synonymous with cloud storage migration. If you have a request for a particular source or destination, please don’t hesitate to respond in the comments.

Full release notes available here.
Dropbox Migration
Dropbox is now available both as a migration source and destination. Some of the use cases for this are:

Do you have a different Dropbox migration use case? Let us know in the comments.
Cloud migration to premise
We realize that organizational cloud computing strategies can change over time. What made sense a few years ago may not anymore.  For this reason, we’d like to ensure that you’re not locked in and married to your cloud provider. Combined with the document conversion feature introduced in NC 1.1, we can now support a full migration and back-up of Google Apps data in an independent format.

Use cases to consider:

Change in Cloud Strategy

You have a new IT executive and he/she wants nothing to do with the cloud. Or perhaps you’ve merged (or been acquired) by a company that doesn’t subscribe to the cloud mentality. Far too common from our experience. Problem? No problem!

Disaster Recovery

You like your cloud storage, but want to ensure that you still retain your data in a disaster that may affect the cloud provider. Consider the case of Nirvanix, a cloud storage company that […]

Nava Certus 1.1 – Migrate from Google, File Conversion

Over the past month, we’ve been working on a few new features for Nava Certus. After a lengthy period of testing, we’re happy to finally announce Nava Certus 1.1

The main features in this release include:

Google Drive Source

Many new use cases are enabled with the addition of the Google Drive Source feature, such as:

File Conversion

When migrating to Google Drive, some customers would like to have the ability to convert documents, such as MS Word, Excel, and so forth to Google Docs format. We’re enabling this feature in 1.1 and allow you granular file conversion settings.

In addition to the new features, we also fixed a number of bugs. Visit our support forum for a full version of the release notes.

As before, Nava Certus is available for free for evaluation purposes.

Nava Certus released

The latest version ( of Nava Certus is available for download starting today. With this release, we’re making minor but visible improvements to product functionality. Continue reading below for more info…


For further details, check out the the release notes.

Have you tried Nava Certus yet? If not, then take advantage of the 1GB free trial, download your copy today.

We’d also like to let you know that he introductory price of $4.99/GB is due to expire in the near future. Request a quote from us today to lock in your pricing.

Migration Integrity – Ensuring Chain of Custody with Nava Certus

If you are planning a Google Drive migration and require assurance that the files at the source are exactly the same as the files at the destination, then you may be interested in our “Migration Integrity” feature.

One of the features that we designed into Nava Certus from the very beginning is called Migration Integrity. While this feature is not the most visible to the user, it is perhaps one of the most important for our enterprise customers that may want to ensure a certain chain-of-custody within the migration process. The “chain of custody” may be something that is required by your company’s internal policies or by regulation.

Specifically, the integrity feature provides assurance that every single file that has been migrated has not been altered in any way. For every single file that we migrate, we calculate a cryptographic hash which we later correlate with Google’s own hash (which automatically gets generated for any uploaded file). If the hashes match, we consider the migration to have been a success. If the hashes don’t match for any reason, the particular item will be marked as failed.

Be on the lookout for the next release of Nava Certus, which will feature a “Migration Integrity” report. This report will list every single file migrated, the hash at the source, the hash at the destination, and any errors. You can provide this report to your auditors as proof of the integrity of the migration.

HOWTO: Distributed Google Drive Migration

This post is another in a series of posts about Nava Certus, our Google Drive migration tool. Specifically, we show you the Distributed feature in NC. The beauty of distributed migration is that it allows you to get rid of your file server, but at the same time possibly stay in the “basic” tier of Google Drive storage, thus avoiding extra Google Drive storage costs.

How, do you ask? Well, you may know that Google Apps for Business accounts come with 35GB of free storage (shared between Gmail and Drive). Suppose you have 10TB of data belonging to 1000 users. This is about 10GB on the average for each user. Assuming that no user is consuming above 35GB, then we can move each file to its owner’s account.

The first steps to creating a Distributed migration job are similar to Centralized migration. The contents of the General and Source tabs stay the same, so refer to this previous blog post.

Only the contents of the “Destination” tab will be different.
Destination tab
For destination type, please select “Google Drive (distributed)”

It turns out that the distributed options is much easier to configure, requiring only one option, the mapping file.

Mapping File: A CSV file mapping users on the source to users on the destination. You need to have this prepared prior to starting the migration.

This is all you need in order to configure distributed migration.

HOWTO: Migrate File Server to Google Drive with Nava Certus (Centralized)

Do you need to migrate a large quantity of files to Google Drive? Have you tasted the frustration of the “manual” approach? Well, why don’t you try Nava Certus? It is the ultimate Google Drive migration tool. It moves files, copies permissions, recreates the directory hierarchy, and lets you print pretty reports for your boss. And you can take all the credit.

Here we show the “Centralized” configuration, where all files go to a single destination Google Drive. NC will migrate the specified file(s) only to Google drive of those domain users who are granted at least one type of permission on that file. Using a preconfigured mapping file, NC will map the file permissions along with migrating the file to respective Google drives.

To create and configure a Centralized migration:
General tab
In the General tab, configure the general settings of the migration.

Mandatory settings:

The Email Configuration section is optional and is used if you only want to receive email notifications on errors or slow performance.

Source tab

There are few settings here:


The “Source Root Folder” in reality can be any folder mounted in Windows. As such, you may also consider Dropbox, Amazon S3,, and any other cloud storage which appears as a mount point in Windows. There is a small caveat about permissions in these cases, but if you don’t need to preserve permissions for Dropbox and such, then NC is a great tool for such migrations. (Note: We’re always developing new “native” source types, so check back often.)

Destination tab
For destination type, please select “Google Drive” (This is the […]

Video: Nava Certus Demo – Google Drive Migration

We decided to make this video to answer some basic questions from customers. It is a demo of a file server to Google Drive migration.

Nava Certus(Beta): Google Drive Migration

We have been hard at work over the past months and we’re ready now to share our excitement. As of yesterday, we have released the Beta version of Nava Certus, our powerful migration software enabling you to migrate your file server to Google Drive.

In fact, the product is available as a fully functional trial that you can download for free (up to 1GB). We would love to hear your feedback.

With this release, we are able to deliver some cool features, such as:

Nava Certus will be available for purchase directly from Linkgard’s website for migrations of 500GB or less.

If you are an MSP or Google Apps Service Provider, you may be interested to learn about the Reseller program from Nava Solutions.

So go ahead and give Nava Certus a try. We’d love your feedback.

Also, check out our page on the Google Apps Marketplace:   Nava Certus – Google Drive Migration


Nava Certus (Beta) Available for Download

We are proud to announce the Beta release of Nava Certus, our powerful Google Drive migration software.

With this version of Nava Certus, you will be able to:

Migrate files from a file server to a single Google Drive account for centralized sharing
Migrate files based on file ownership (Distributed Migration) allowing you to distribute all your files and take advantage of up to 30GB built-in storage in Google Drive for each user.

You can download a trial version of Nava Certus directly from Linkgard. With the fully-functional trial version, you can migrate up to 1GB within 5 days for free. Afterwards, you    may purchase the product directly from within the software.

For migrations larger than 500GB, please contact us using the Request a Quote form and we will put you in touch with one of our partners who will be able to sell the software  as well as provide migration services.

We are also announcing the opening of our Partnership program. If your organization would like to resell Nava Certus and provide associated migration services, you may wish to learn more about our partnership opportunities.