Nava SIEM Agent – Seamless cloud security

Nearly 70% of enterprises See IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing Study 2014 rely on the cloud. Adoption varies from one company to the next, yet one thing is certain:
enterprises are increasing reliance on the cloud 40% per year in CAGR . Is your security program equipped to handle new challenges from the cloud?

Simple, Unique, Flexible, Powerful

Nava SIEM Agent unifies cloud and on-premise security by forwarding cloud-based service provider logs to your favorite log-management and/or SIEM service.
  • Comply with regulations by archiving cloud logs
  • Analyze your cloud logs for indicators of intrusion
  • Conduct incident response and forensics using cloud logs
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Nava SIEM Agent

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Some of Nava SIEM Agent key features are:

  • Retrieving Google Apps and Amazon S3 audit logs
  • Archiving the audit logs
  • Ability to export the logs to the known formats
  • Real time output to Windows Event Logs

Supported sources

Currently Nava SIEM Agent supports Google Apps Admin Console audit logs and Docs audit logs.

Google Apps: Admin Activity

By default, any activity performed by an administrator in Google Apps is logged as part of the Google Apps Admin Audit logs. All 17 different types of administrative actions currently available are supported by Nava SIEM Agent:


Google Apps: Google Docs Activity

Google Apps administrators may not be aware that Google supports audit logging of all Google Docs activity. This includes events such as viewing a Google Document or editing one. The logs contain valuable information on the source IP of the event, the user performing the activity, and the unique ID of the Google Document being modified/accessed.

Supported Output Types

All of the retrieved audit logs will be outputted to either Windows Event Logs, text file format or both depending on user’s choice.

Software Prerequisites

There is only one software prerequisites to install Nava SIEM Agent:

Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 or higher

Downloading and Licensing

You can download a 5 day free trial version of the product from Linkgard.