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Nava Certus 1.3: Migration deltas, Synchronization

Customers using Nava Certus, may have noticed a few logistical complications with extremely large migrations. If a migration was large and the source files were still in used by users, then by the time you migrate the data there will be new versions of some files at the source.
In the past, we recommended to split up migrations into manageable chunks and to enforce a ‘freeze’ on the source during the migration.
Today we have a more ideal solution. We’re happy to release Nava Certus 1.3 featuring a new “Continuous Mode” option that enables two use cases: Delta migrations & One-way Synchronization.

Delta Migration
One the main stage of the migration has finished, a delta migration allows for the migration of only the changed files. With this functionality, each migration can now have a last “delta migration” phase shortly before the go-live.
One-Way Synchronization
With the one-way synchronization use case, the customer would like to continuously update the destination as files at the source are updated. When the destination is set to Google Drive,
More Details
As you can see on the left, there are three configuration options we’ve added:

Enable Continuous Mode: With this option enabled, after migrating the initial set of data, NC will go into “Watching” state and monitor the source for changed files and periodically begin to migrate the changed data. For the Google Drive destination, modified files are appended as new “Revisions” to the existing file in Google Drive, preserving the previous version of the file.

Detection Method: We support 2 modes of detecting changes: Datetime and Checksum. With Datetime, […]

Nava Certus pricing change

Prior to releasing Nava Certus in June/July this year, we conducted a study of the cloud storage and data migration market  in an effort to determine our pricing strategy. This was not an easy task since there weren’t (and still aren’t) that many commercially available tools for migrating data to cloud storage and specifically to Google Drive.

Still, we were able to get an understanding of the market and as a result set the introductory price to $4.99 per GB. At the time the software was released, we only supported migration from file server to Google Drive. Many of our valued customers took advantage of the introductory and we thank them for their trust and vote of confidence.

Since those first days, we’ve been hard at work developing new features. A brief summary of the new features we’ve introduced since then includes:

In order to continue developing great new features and help support our expansion and marketing efforts, we are ending the introductory pricing period. Effective Nov 15, 2013 the new and more permanent price for Nava Certus migrations is $7.99/GB. This is still significantly lower than other competing products and we do not have plans to change the pricing any further.

If you are migrating more than 500GB then you may qualify for a volume discount. Call us for more info.

If you have received a quote from us during the introductory period, we will honor all such quotes until Dec. 1 2013.
We have also modified our reseller pricing. Resellers, please contact us for details.