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HOWTO: Migrate File Server to Google Drive with Nava Certus (Centralized)

Do you need to migrate a large quantity of files to Google Drive? Have you tasted the frustration of the “manual” approach? Well, why don’t you try Nava Certus? It is the ultimate Google Drive migration tool. It moves files, copies permissions, recreates the directory hierarchy, and lets you print pretty reports for your boss. And you can take all the credit.

Here we show the “Centralized” configuration, where all files go to a single destination Google Drive. NC will migrate the specified file(s) only to Google drive of those domain users who are granted at least one type of permission on that file. Using a preconfigured mapping file, NC will map the file permissions along with migrating the file to respective Google drives.

To create and configure a Centralized migration:
General tab
In the General tab, configure the general settings of the migration.

Mandatory settings:

The Email Configuration section is optional and is used if you only want to receive email notifications on errors or slow performance.

Source tab

There are few settings here:


The “Source Root Folder” in reality can be any folder mounted in Windows. As such, you may also consider Dropbox, Amazon S3,, and any other cloud storage which appears as a mount point in Windows. There is a small caveat about permissions in these cases, but if you don’t need to preserve permissions for Dropbox and such, then NC is a great tool for such migrations. (Note: We’re always developing new “native” source types, so check back often.)

Destination tab
For destination type, please select “Google Drive” (This is the […]

Video: Nava Certus Demo – Google Drive Migration

We decided to make this video to answer some basic questions from customers. It is a demo of a file server to Google Drive migration.